Painted Turtle

Painted Turtle Artisan Soap is a mild, and gently cleansing tallow soap. The lather is soft, rich and dense, with very tiny bubbles that gently massage the skin clean. It rinses easily, leaving skin feeling clean and soft. Painted Turtle Artisan Soaps are durable and long-lasting cakes and bars.


Painted Turtle soaps are handmade with fresh, minimally processed ingredients, grown and purchased within 80 km. Handmade artisan production ensures each batch is carefully processed with the very best seasonal ingredients available.


Painted Turtle Artisan Soap is named in honor of the beautiful Chrysemys Picta, the real-life painted turtles who live in my region of Ontario. Ecological responsibility is the most important consideration in my soap production, and concern for wildlife habitat guides me in my work. I see my actions, my creations and businesses as opportunities to promote justice. To that end, my soap-making values are to make soap that supports ecology where creatures such as turtles thrive.


Established by River in 2020, Painted Turtle Artisan Soap is a small-scale soap manufacturer located in the Trent Lakes region of Ontario, Canada. All of my products are made with food-grade ingredients in order to nourish the body directly through the skin. Painted Turtle soaps are 100 % non-toxic and biodegradable body care products designed to make the world better place.

Every part of soap making involves research, development, experimentation, and evaluation. I first learned to make tallow soap in 2018, and over two years developed the knowledge, the philosophy, and the skill of soap-craft that is represented by Painted Turtle Artisan Soap.

I am pleased to open the Painted Turtle Artisan Soap studio at Thistlecroft, the farm and home I share with my wife Ali, who in addition to running the farm and finding time for her own craftwork, is also my soap making assistant who helps with various stages of the soap making process. To learn more about the farm, about ecological farming, and humane animal handling, please visit our website:


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